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Whether we play a large or small role, by working together we achieve our objectives.

Life Cycle of Placement

Interview & credentials validation from our best HR
30 Days Corporate Training
Final Interview & Test
Technical Review
30 Days Performance review
Monthly training program on process developments

Receiving a Job offer

Strength of any company lies in the minds of the people who are closest to the work. Each employee at Expert Group undergoes rigorous training schedule of three months to achieve company benchmarked TQP rating
TQP Rating is based upon the following parameters
  • technical skill
  • analytical ability
  • Skill up-gradation
  • Commitment & Integrity
  • As more and more job is being outsourced to India, there is tremendous pressure for organizations to meet the manpower requirements. Most of the time there is very little time to meet this requirement. Meeting hundreds of candidates to select a few is again a huge problem for most of the organizations. Teams of HR professionals are most of the time meeting and rejecting people who just don’t meet the required parameters. Xperts Group can take over this part of the job. We being from the industry are aware of the profile of people working inmost of the Financial & IT companies. We have a team of 8 people working exclusively for organizations and help them meet their requirement through head hunting.
  • India has become the hub of outsourcing for the World. Outsourcing has become an accepted process of meeting urgent manpower for a fixed period
  • Organizations find it very tough to hire people for short assignments. Organizations in India do not like to fire people as it brings in insecurity to the existing staff. Outsourcing employees for those positions have become a favorite process.
  • We at Xperts Group have a pool of professionals who at short notice can help you meet your short-term requirements. For a fraction of a cost you would be in a position to not only meet your short-term Manpower requirement but also test a candidate and hire him
  • Pre-employment Verification (Bulk /Loose).
  • Post-Employment Screening.
  • Assets Verification.
  • Fraud Investigations.
  • Brand/Trade Infringement Investigations.
  • Criminal Record Checking.
  • Theft Cases.
  • Finger Print Development.
  • A company’s productivity and profitability is dependent on the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of its workforce. Your people are the "cells" within the organism of your company. Keep them healthy and the company will in turn be healthy.
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  • Organization across India has now accepted that the need to invest on Manpower is equally important as investment in Equipment’s. Hence, the HR is constantly looking at upgrading the knowledge of its people. Training has become an important tool for retention.
  • We at Xperts Group have a pool of highly skilled & experienced set of trainers having years of experience in their functional areas. They not only train the staff on the skill sets defined but also share their experience on how the said knowledge will help them boost their career. Our modules have been developed by these faculties and have more practical content than theoretical content.
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